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Underwater Scooters Navbow+ Sublue

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Color: Grey
Kit: Basic

Basic characteristics:

  • Dual engine underwater scooter. Compact and Convenient: 50% lighter than traditional DPV product.

  • Expand your horizon while swimming, snorkeling or diving in any direction at 360 degree.

  • The Navbow+ richer and more powerful features.

  • Can be controlled with only one hand.

  • Waterproof down to 40 meters depth.

  • 3 gears speed switch. Max speed 2m/s - Low speed 1m/s.

  • Autonomy up to 45 minutes.

  • Comes with a standard quick charger instead of the standard one. Battery Quick Change in 5 seconds. 

  • New multiple safety alarm; not just vibrates but also display flashing, audible alarm and shutdown, when low battery, equipment malfunction or abnormal conditions.

  • The OLED displays the speed, battery life and hand operation mode.

  • Set specified depth you willing to dive in.

  • Automatically record logging data from a variety of locations. SublueGo App will generate dive logs that can be shared on social networks and interact with your friends.

  • With microprocessor be able to check the status and initiate self-cleaning. 

  • Navbow+ Digital Compass. It uses a 9-DOF sensor and high-performance processor to provide navigation information in static and dynamic modes.

  • Airplane friendly.

  • Personalise your photographic support choosing PRO Photo Pack Kit.

  • More information about Your Product/Kit below in the Description.

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Customer Reviews

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Underwater Scooter Navbow+ Sublue - Grey - Basic Kit

More Info: 

Your Kit includes: Scooter, 158Wh battery, Charging Stand, Adapter & Wire, Single Hand Operation Lanyard, Counterbalance Weight Bar & Holder, D ring Converter, Safety Leash, Manual, Case.

Scooter Main Features:

Industry recognition for innovation and design

  • Our products have been recognized by the CES Innovation Awards, accredited and presented by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), for their performance and design.

Expertly-crafted engine with an innovative design for no power loss

  • The Sublue dual-motor system is designed to ensure strong and constant power that delivers even on lower battery life.

One-handed control with professional cruise equipment included

  • Can be set for one-handed operation mode, with D-Ring buckle and tow rope in the included cruise kit. For easy operation for cruising, pressure equalizing, and underwater photography.

OLED Data Display for optimal status quick view

  • The OLED screen displays data including speed, battery power, hand operation mode and running time continuously.

Featuring Kaplan high-strength four-bladed propellers

  • Exclusively designed double Kaplan high-strength four-bladed propellers each with blade curvature are engineered to perfectly fit the ducts.

Undeniably Powerful

  • Navbow+ is the fastest among our underwater scooters with 3 speed switches of up to 2m/s. With our advanced and patented waterproof batteries, it can operate at depths of up to 40m with a long-lasting battery of up to 45 minutes.

Smart Safety Features

  • Navbow+ offers superior smart safety features, including a flashing OLED screen, buzzer, and auto-shutdown if something goes wrong during your dive. You can even use the APP to set the depth and battery alarms. So head out into the water and feel safe knowing that your underwater scooter has got you covered.

Cutting Edge Technology

  • With Sublue’s cutting-edge technology, confidently head out into the water and use the built-in compass, as well as the water depth and temperature sensors of Navbow+. This will help you better navigate your journey underwater.

Durable And Reliable

  • With our latest anti-corrosion technology, Navbow+ is designed to be extra durable with hassle-free maintenance. This is to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy Navbow+ for a really long time. We definitely aim to give you value for your money.

Underwater Photography

  • Capture the most stunning underwater images with Navbow+. It can mount a Sublue photography platform where you can attach action cameras, waterproof LED lights, float arms, etc. Moreover, you can easily customize it according to your thirst for an underwater adventure.

SublueGo App

  • Select Navbow+ on the app to generate your underwater experience logs, such as the water depth and temperature throughout your whole dive. Then, make sure your family and friends know what you’re up to by sharing these logs on social media. Ready Set Dive: Have worry less fun with the countless number of features and accessories that the Navbow+ has.


  • Dimensions: L327mm x W486mm x H177mm(L13" x W19" x H7")
  • Host weight: 3.4kg (7.49lb)
  • Endurance: Free: 1m/s (2.24 mph); Sport: 1.5m/s (3.36 mph); Turbo: 2m/s (4.47 mph)
  • Maximum depth: 40m (131ft)
  • Endurance: 45min
  • Battery weight: 1.1kg (2.42lb)
  • Interface: 2 mounting points, which can be equipped with sports camera or class underwater photography platform, and integrate rich underwater photography functions (camera, underwater photography lamp, underwater lighting lamp, etc. are not included in the standard configuration)
  • Parts: Counterweight support, counterweight column * 3, d-buckle adapter buckle, one hand operation hanging rope, safety rope loss prevention
  • Optional: 2-hour fast charging adapter, underwater photography platform, customized backpack (sold separately)

SKU: 8503128

Barcode: 8435638503128

Vendor: Sublue

Weight: 10.0 kg