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Underwater ROV Deep Trekker DTG3

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Model: Starter
Tether Length: 100m

Basic characteristics:

  • DTG3 is designed for quick deployment and reliable underwater surveys and inspections, ideal for hull and workboat inspections, port and harbor security, infrastructure checks, ocean exploration, and more.

  • With a depth rating of 200 meters (656 ft.), 8 hours of battery life, and the ability to record live 4K video directly to your waterproof handheld controller, the DTG3 ROV is the ideal tool for underwater inspections and environmental monitoring.

  • It features a rugged integrated thruster design within an anodized aluminum body, making it durable in harsh conditions.

  • The unique pitching system design ensures the DTG3 is the most nimble and maneuverable ROV available, designed with the operator in mind to simplify inspections in challenging environments.

  • Equipped with three thrusters and a patented pitch system for flexible operations and rapid descent capabilities.

  • The DTG3's 270-degree rotating camera provides a wide view for ship hulls, sea floors, and everything in between, without the need to maneuver thrusters.

  • This portable ROV excels in its class, offering advanced survey capabilities and a durable feature set, all while maintaining a lightweight design.

  • If upgrades or additional capabilities are needed, industry-specific add-ons and attachments are available.

  • Learn more about package options in the description below.

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Customer Reviews

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Underwater ROV Deep Trekker DTG3 Starter

Your Kit includes:

  • DTG3 ROV
  • 7” LCD Controller W/64GB SD card record
  • 4K Camera
  • 100m Tether and Standard Reel
  • Heavy duty tether reel with bearings and electrical slip ring for easy tether management
  • Sensors (Heading, Depth, Temp, Pitch, Roll, Auto Heading/Depth)
  • Auxiliary Floodlights
  • Pelican Case
  • Toolless Ballast
  • 3 Magnetically coupled thrusters (precision thruster + 2 main thrusters)
  • 200m Depth rating
  • Hybrid power
  • Chargers
  • Batteries
  • Fully assembled and tested
  • 1 Year bronze package warranty

Reaching depths of 200 meters (656 ft.), the Deep Trekker DTG3 ROV is designed for extended operations with its hybrid power system, boasting an impressive 8-hour battery life.

For a cost-effective alternative to the Pivot or Revolution, the DTG3 provides the same exceptional 4K camera in a durable yet lightweight 18lbs vehicle.

Coming expedition-ready right out of the box, you can deploy in under 30 seconds. With an operating battery life of up to eight hours, you can maintain operation for the whole workday.

The DTG3 comes equipped with three thrusters and a patented pitch system that allows for flexible operations and rapid descent capabilities.

The DTG3’s 270-degree rotating camera offers a massive range of view for ship hulls, sea floors, and everything in between, without any need to maneuver thrusters.

The whole system fits into a single rugged Pelican case which can be taken as checked luggage during travel, making its portability unparalleled.

  • Powered by BRIDGE Technology

Deep Trekker's intelligent technology platform, BRIDGE, integrates custom hardware and software for control, integration, communication, and enhanced operation. Deep Trekker BRIDGE harnesses the latest technology for user-friendly solutions.

BRIDGE also ensures instant communication between controller and vehicle, even over extended tether distances, and seamless integration with current and future third-party products.

  • Enhanced 4K Camera

High-quality lens upgrades and proprietary image processing algorithms, facilitated by Deep Trekker's Bridge software, provide an exceptional underwater viewing experience. This includes a wider field of view, improved clarity, and auto colour correction.

  • Weatherproof Handheld Controller

The durable Deep Trekker handheld controller features a bright 7" LCD screen and is equipped with the intelligence of BRIDGE technology for seamless integrations. This proprietary controller is designed exclusively for Deep Trekker Robots.

  • Built to Last

Deep Trekker ROVs are constructed with corrosion-resistant materials, offering inherent strength with proprietary, maintenance-free thrusters. Deep Trekker's innovative design ensures system longevity.

  • Extreme Maneuverability

With expert engineering and the help of gravity, the ROV’s outer shell and thrusters can rotate 180 degrees to perform lateral movement, while gravity holds down the internal semi-circle weighted frame. This allows the ROV to drive up, down, side to side, forward and backwards.

The most common add-ons for the DTG3 include:

  • The Grabber - A grabber arm enables the DTG3 to carry out a variety of tasks such as retrieving objects, holding tools, or deploying equipment.
  • Laser Scaler - Two lasers separated by one inch instantly offer a size estimation during visual inspections.
  • USBL Positioning - The SeaTrac Ultra Short Baseline Locating system allows you to gain awareness of the relative position of your ROV, as well as set waypoints along your dive
  • Thickness gauge - To evaluate the thickness of steel on tanks, hulls or other metal surfaces.
  • Environmental Sensors - Water quality sondes and dissolved oxygen sensors provide insights to key parameters like Temperature/Conductivity, pH/ORP, or Chlorophyll A.


  • ROV General Specs
  • Width: 325 mm (12.8”)
  • Height: 258 mm (10.2”)
  • Length: 279 mm (11.0”)
  • Weight (in air): 8.5 kg (18.7 lb)
  • Body Material: Die Cast Aluminum
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Depth Rating: 200 m (656 ft)
  • Operating Temp: -10°C to 50°C (14°F – 122°F)
  • Case: Custom Pelican Air 1637
  • Drives/Thruster: Magnetically Coupled/Sealed

ROV Electrical System

  • System Voltage: 19.2 VDC
  • Battery Run Time: Up to 8 Hours (Hybrid power capable).
  • Recharge Time: 1.5 hours.
  • Thruster Control: Independent, Infinitely Variable, 100% Reversible.

Controller with BRIDGE Technology

  • Screen: 178 mm (7”) Wide-Angle LCD.
  • Controller: 16:9 Up to 4K Recording, Weatherproof, Connectivity USB, SD, HDMI and Ethernet.

Lights and Camera

  • Video: Video Resolution: 4K30, 1080p30.
  • Video Format: H.264, H.265, Snapshot Resolution: 8MP, Snapshot Format: JPEG.
  • Image Sensor: Sony, 1/2.5, Lens: 2.7mm F2.9, Features: AE, WDR, AWB, OSD Data overlay, Adjustable Settings: AWB, Brightness / Saturation / Contrast, Minimum Illumination: 0.001 Lux.
  • Picture: JPG 8mp.
  • Lights: High Efficiency LED, Fully Dimmable, 1000 Lumens Tracking with Camera.

ROV Tether

  • Tether Weight: Neutrally Buoyant in Water
  • Tether Diameter: 4.5 mm (0.18'') - 6.5 mm (0.26'')
  • Tether Construction: Polyurethane outer jacket with embedded light weight synthetic fibers
  • Maximum Working Strength: 25 kg (55 lbs)
  • Minimum Breaking Strength: 90 kg (200 lbs)

SKU: 8508543

Barcode: 8435638508543

Vendor: Deep Trekker

Weight: 8.5 kg